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Triticale Varieties

336 was released by Resource Seeds, Inc.. 336 is a hexaploid winter-type triticale for grazing, silage, boot-stage hay, and grain production. It is most similar in appearance to Presto but shorter. 336 is awned and mid-maturity. 336 is green at booting with leaves that are glossy and semi-upright. The flag leaf is generally erect and twisted, although the flag leaf of about 20% of the plants may not appear twisted. Spikes are mid-dense and brown to very light brown at maturity. Glumes are glabrous, long, and mid-wide.
ARCIA was released by North Carolina Agricultural Research Service in 1996. It is a winter triticale. Arcia is a high-yielding, early to midseason maturing cultivar with excellent test weight and kernel size for a triticale. The juvenile growth habit is prostrate. The leaves are glabrous and semi-waxy with a light tan color at maturity. The spike is awned, dense, and fusiform with good fertility. The glumes are light tan to yellow with pubescence along the edges only. There is no detectable shattering at maturity. It shows good winter hardiness and standability. This variety is licensed by NCSU - Agricultural Research Services
Variety Producers
SS TRITICALE 1414 (NC01PT-1433) was released by NCSU. It is a winter triticale. It is awned with a semi-prostrate growth habit and a recurved, non-twisted flag leaf. It has a medium maturity with a mid-tall plant height. It has a yellow-green color at boot stage with a mid-dense fusiform head. It is resistant to powdery mildew and leaf rust and susceptible to barley yellow dwarf virus. US VARIETY PROTECTION APPLIED FOR and can be sold only as a class of Certified Seed. Exclusive license has been granted to Southern States. Variety Producers
TRICAL® BRAND 308 was released by Resource Seeds, Inc. in 2002. It is a medium maturity variety with tall plant height. Coleoptile color is purple and juvenile growth habit is erect. Flag leaf is recurved. Auricle color is white. Head color is tan at maturity and is awned. US PROTECTED VARIETY
Variety Producers
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